Dumb Love bassist Greg Coates is a longtime friend and the man who keeps our amps and guitars in working order. This was their first visit to The Compound and the one track on the comp for which I kept the board mix from the day we tracked. About 6hrs of tracking and mixing and viola' - hitmakers!


"We had a great experience recording at The Compound. We did the track live and took several stabs at it. Then sat back and listened and went with the best one. This song was fun cause not all songs can be done this easy or with that same approach. The track it self is about the feeling that someone gets right before bursting into tears or screaming your head off at something. It's that second in your life where we somehow decide how to react to something traumatic or something that could be a life changing event. It's a great photo to capture. I tried to capture it through words."


from S​.​O​.​S. (Save Our Studio) A Benefit Album, released July 5, 2012
Gregory Alan Coates- Bass
Mark Lira- Vocals, Guitar
Brian Murphy- Guitars
Kevin Kapler- Drums



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